Atlanta Hawks announcers switch to golf commentator mode to mock quiet crowd in Charlotte

The Atlanta Hawks' announcing team found a creative way to poke fun of a quiet crowd in Charlotte on Wednesday night. They got quiet themselves.

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Check out this clip where the duo says they're going to treat the NBA game "like a golf tournament" before switching into golf commentator mode. That includes talking in hushed tones and saying one player, Kevin Huerter, made a three-pointer "from across the pond." Jim Nantz would be proud. Have a look and listen:

To be fair, it was less than four minutes into the game and it could have been a late-arriving crowd in the Queen City. Have you ever watched the first quarter of a Miami Heat game? That makes this place look as hopping as Cameron Indoor Stadium.

Anyway, the home team Hornets got the last laugh with a 118-104 win. We're guessing it was pretty dead in the Spectrum Center by the fourth quarter as well.

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