QUIZ: Can you tell these fake college football bowl games from their real-life counterparts?

The craziest thing about college football isn't the CFP. It's not the parade of batshit be-mulleted coaches nor their scroll-like recruiting violation rap sheets. It's not even Gus Johnson howling at the moon every time Iowa hits a seven-yard slant. It's the patently ridiculous bowl game names, which continue, with each passing year (and potential advertiser), to blur reality and parody into a single ironic smear. In that absurdist spirit, we mixed up 15 2018 bowl games—some real and some very, very fake—to put your CFB knowledge to the test. Think you can still tell the TaxSlayer Gator Bowl from the Comedy Central East-West Bowl? We'd like to see you try, hot shot (no, seriously.)

Answer key at bottom


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