Barça by Ground — Many Thanks

The Icelandic ash cloud that has paralyzed European air travel has forced Barcelona to use a more modest method of travel.

The Blaugrana will arrive at Milan today by bus after a 800 km journey and one stop-over (in Cannes, no less. Rough life).

I know many of us have ridden on the bus for key away games (some maybe even more important than this week's tie). The guys always seemed to assume the same roles on the trips. I wonder if Barcelona is no different.

There was always one guy who ate everyone else's food when they were asleep. Sounds like Carlos Puyol to me.

I'm sure there were some veterans who wanted some of the youngster's music turned down a little and made it be known.

"What did Xavi say?" A young Pedro asked.

"He said turn it up." Yaya responded.

There's always a control freak who takes control of the multi media. Movie choices were left in the hands of one Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who wanted to expose his teammates to the slapstick zaniness that are the films of Bergman.

And who would we find throwing hostess sno balls to all the cars branded with Inter logos? Who else? Lio Messi. It's always the one who can get away with it.


I also want to thank everyone who responded to my "First World Cup Memory" piece. It was really cool to see a great cross-section of age and team support in the responses. It's one of the many reasons why I love the world cup so much.

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