Daylight Offsides

While we have a day off (literally, in the United States), how about I run an idea by you guys.

Let's tweak Law 11. Right now it says this:

Let's change that to the player's entire body.

I'm sick of seeing offside calls where the forward was just leaning ahead of a defender standing still, or a defender walking forward for an offside trap. I think offside should be reserved for when there's actual space between the forward and the second-to-last defender.

The ball has to be entirely beyond the line to be out of play, after all. So the forward should be entirely beyond the defender to be offside.

It will make it easier for AR's to make the call – offside is the most difficult call to make in sports, since we're asking people to look in two directions at once, frequently at a dead run.

I don't know if we'll see more offense, because coaches are very, very good at adjusting to changes like this. So this might just be hastening the advent of the 8-1-1.

But the 8-1-1 is inevitable, so we might as well have fewer blown offside calls on our way there.

Anyway. Enjoy your day after the holiday when nothing's open anyway.

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