Guadalajara Gridlock

Chivas and Atlas played a to a 2-2 draw in front of a sparse crowd

Estadio Omnilife is a gorgeous new structure, one definitely worthy of housing a team which such a storied tradition, like CD Guadalajara.

If only Chivas fans would actually get to see it.

Outside of the field turf (which I still don’t understand), stadium planners appeared to have misjudged, ignored, or just not planned for the very real and stymieing traffic problem that has plagued the stadium’s attendance since it opened earlier this summer.

The traffic situation has gotten so bad that city planners have begged the team to go back to the Jalisco because the area around the new stadium just cannot handle the influx of fans headed to a game. That wasn’t going to happen, so they have made a compromise. Chivas will play on Sunday afternoon instead of their customary primetime Saturday night slot, when traffic isn't as ordinarily crazy.

The Stadium was half-empty for the Libertadores Final against Internacional. A real shame.

It was also half empty for yesterday’s Clasico Tapatio vs. Atlas, that otherwise would have been a standing room only affair. The traffic must really be bad, because that game is as heated and passionate as it gets. Is it just the traffic, though?

Traffric, coupled with a price increase (someone has to pay for the shiny new bauble) has made the new Estadio Omnilife look like, well, the 3 de Marzo (home of Estudiantes Tecos).

Or the Jalisco when America or Atlas aren’t on the schedule.

Chivas have raised prices so much, that the price of 1 ticket is more than daily rate of minimum wage in Mexico. Ironically, the only best attened game so far this season was against Tecos. The reason: Tickets were only $20 each (pesos).

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