Pumping the Sunshine in 2011

As we kick off the 2nd decade of this century, I can’t help but be nothing but optimistic in the early glows of the new year; the sunshine pump is at overcapacity, especially after the way Chicharito welcomed in the new year.

What will become of the world of Mexican futbol in 2011? Here are my hopes, at least.

That Javier Hernandez stays on course. His time at Manchester United so far has been an unexpected and unqualified success. The best part about this story, is that as good as the youngster has been, he is so humble and centered that he knows he has to work that much harder. Nevertheless, he is still Mexico’s greatest footballing export since Hugo Sanchez.

That the world doesn’t give up on Carlos Vela and Giovani Dos Santos. Their departure from the EPL seems imminent. The former on loan, and the latter permanently. Their promising careers have stalled, to say the least, but they are still just starting out.

That Nery Castillo finds inner peace. Nery may never reach the level he showed in 2007, but for now he just has to find himself. Perhaps Chicago is the right place for him, after all, with Greektown and La Villita. Is there a little Uruguay nestled in there as well?

That Cruz Azul wins something, anything. Cementero fans have to be on suicide watch after watching their beloved maquina fall short over and over again. Their dubious “subcampeonisimo” has to end at some point. Doesn’t it?

That Chepo de la Torre is allowed to do his work. There will undoubtedly be some crises (both real and fabricated) over the next few years. I am afraid, though, that he will not be around to coach the team in Brasil2014 as long as his bosses use profit motive as the determining factor for his continued employment.

That the US and Mexico meet in the Rose Bowl this June. Now that CONCACAF has put the kibosh on the Hex, the Gold Cup will be the only tournament to see the best rivalry in North American sport. It’ll be interesting to see which teams racks up more frequent flier miles if they both make it to the final.

That Club America makes one ridiculous signing and then makes a deep run into the Copa Libertadores. Like Ronaldinho.

That Pumas win the Clausura 2011 title. Okay, that might be a bit of a stretch, but hey, why not?

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