WPS skorting the issues?

Like you…provided you're a diehard LA Sol fan…okay, so probably nothing like you…I read Nick Green's article the other week, about AEG bailing out of WPS, and "chimped out," as I believe the kids are saying these days.

However, I've been told not to worry.The Sol sure are acting like they're in turmoil, but it's still only registering as a 0.2 on the Gullit scale.

AEG – the A stands for Altruism!

I just made every fan in San Jose puke. But I did that for a purpose. Let's remember that San Jose itself is proof that just because Phil up stakes, doesn't mean he's salting the earth behind him. This isn't totally unheard of from AEG.

That doesn't mean it's awesome, by any means. But WPS is still expanding, which means they're doing better than General Motors and Citibank. They'll even still be in the Home Depot Center, which means they'll get all the love and attention Chivas USA gets. Yay, more 10:00 am kickoffs!

But that's not what I was truly concerned about.

A catwalk? Seriously?

I'm sure it was meant, and treated, ironically. See, they're not skinny, underfed, vacant models! They're happy, active young athletes! We're subverting the paradigm! This is what women should aspire to! This is what should be on the covers of magazines, not the vapid mannequins being peddled by patriarchal capitalism!

And I completely agree. Put that piece of paper in front of me with those words, I will sign that piece of paper. However much of a problem one might conceivably have with the short-tempered, volatile Marta as a role model, she's leagues and leagues better than nearly every woman on television.*

Now, explain to me how any of that sells a ticket to a game.

And that's IF you get the irony. If you're just skimming the surface, then it looks like attractive women modeling soccer gear. If the selling points of the league and the sport are fun, joy, excitement, achievement, and camaraderie, why the fashion crap? If you act like H.U.G.S., you're going to get treated like H.U.G.S.

Besides, it's not like the shirts themselves stand out. Sure, I like the Blackburn Rovers look the Sol now have, assuming they take the field. The rest of them, though…I don't care what Fake Sigi thinks. Apart from Chicago, they're monochrome, and Chicago should wear the white shirt at home anyway.** The vast majority are the same as last year's, anyway, so what was the point?

So what if they're better than MLS jerseys? As a wise man once said, it's not your job to be as confused as Nigel.

*Except Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi. They're awesome. I think that needs to be said in a footnote to a soccer blog post.

**Great, another Sky Blue at Chicago game where the Red Stars wear sky blue and the Sky Blue wear orange.

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