Art Is This Guy Playing Piano To A Video Of Cardi B Talking About Ugg Boots

A video of a jazz pianist who made a clip of Cardi B shouting excitedly about Ugg boots a bit more musical has gone viral … and we like it.

Charles Cornell uploaded the video on Thursday to his Instagram. It features him sitting at a piano playing a song that perfectly matches the video of the rapper talking. The video got picked up by TikTok and was later shared by the Twitter account @snapbxtch. 

As of Friday afternoon, it had more than 39,000 retweets and 100,000 likes, and Cardi B herself had retweeted it.

Cornell’s musical stylings are his take on a 2017 clip of Cardi B in which she’s happily showing off the Ugg boots she received from Swisher Sweets after performing for them.

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“None of you bitches have these exclusive Swisher Sweets Uggs,” screams Cardi B. “What’s popping?!”

Cornell told HuffPost that he transcribed the notes of the “Please Me” singer’s spoken words, added chords and ended up with the hilarious resulting video.

“[Cardi B] speaks in such a singsong way that it makes for great notation,” the 26-year-old said.

Cornell also added himself whispering, “what is popping?” to echo Cardi B’s final phrase in the video. It’s weirdly entrancing.

Cornell, who thinks Cardi B’s Instagram rants are “pure gold,” said he’s “convinced” the attention his video has been getting is “not real.”

“I’m acting like nothing is happening, so that I’ll keep working at it,” he said, before adding that he just wants to “spread positive content and make people laugh.”

We’d say you’re already successfully doing that.


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