Disney’s ‘DuckTales’ Honors Mother’s Day With The Return Of Della Duck

In what’s certain to be an iconic Disney Channel moment, “DuckTales” will feature an emotional reunion between Della Duck, Donald’s long-lost twin sister, and her sons Huey, Dewey and Louie in a new episode slated to air Monday.

HuffPost got a sneak peek at the episode, titled “Nothing Can Stop Della Duck!,” via the clip above. In it, Della ― who happens to have a prosthetic leg  and is voiced by Paget Brewster ― returns to the home of Scrooge McDuck and is introduced to her children for the first time. 

According to Disney Channel executives, the character became stranded on the moon 10 years ago, before her triplets hatched. Huey, Dewey and Louie are initially reluctant to embrace their newly returned parent, but eventually warm up to her as the scene climaxes. 

Della’s return was first teased in a March episode called “What Ever Happened to Della Duck?,” in which the character was shown to have injured her leg as she crash-landed on the moon. Later, she builds herself a “metallic replacement limb” from the spare parts of her spacecraft, and begins to record video messages for her three sons, though she has no idea if they’ll ever reach them. 

Executive producer Matt Youngberg and co-producer/story editor Francisco Angones told HuffPost that the “DuckTales” reboot, which debuted in 2017, has been slowly “building” to the poignant reunion.   

“With a decade’s worth of expectations, the family clearly has an idealized version of how their lives would be once they were reunited,” they said in an email. Still, they added, “Like any good adventure, this reunion may throw some surprising turns at our heroes that they didn’t see coming.”

“Luckily, Della Duck isn’t about to give up without a fight,” they added. 

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