All the brilliantly petty ways the UK is trolling Donald Trump during his visit.

President Trump is visiting the UK this week. And they clearly don’t want him there. England: just like U.S.! Here are the most brilliantly petty ways people across the country are letting our president know they wish he’d crawl back across the pond to the bloody Hell (pronounced “L”) from whence he came. God bless these petty queens!

1) RIP John McCain. And me after seeing this.

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2) Trump’s “welcome” vs. Obama’s:

3) Trump’s approval rating vs. Obama’s…. ON A BUILDING.

4) “Buckingham Palace? Sorry, we’re full up!”

5) A message from the Mayor of London:

6) Remember the Trump baby balloon that pissed off Donald so much he once skipped a trip to England? Well, it’s back. And bigger than ever! It even has a promo video:

7) Also bigger than ever? This giant penis with a message to a giant penis:

This woman sums it up perfectly:



Cheers to that, mates!


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