Maticevski returns to the catwalk for Paris Couture Week

Melbourne-based fashion designer Toni Maticevski unveiled his new
couture/resort 2020 collection as part of Paris Couture Week at Palais De
Tokyo’s Orbe De New York this week.

Marking his second show in Paris, Maticevski’s collection featured 36
looks, encompassing a capsule of one-off couture items, as well as
signature pieces from resort 2020, inspired by the moment of capturing
chance within nature.

“The torrents of nature, where the calm and the mystical collide, was
the absolute source for me with this collection,” explained Maticevski on
his show notes. “Capturing this reflects a moment when everything aligns
and happens, and I am so excited to bring this evolution to Paris.”

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Maticevski added: “For me, the purpose is to showcase both the
collections and to flex my creative ideas. It is also an opportunity for my
clients to get closer to the world of Maticevski and experience the brand
in a different way.”

The renowned Australian designer stated that the collection took three
months to develop and was inspired by the notion of an “about-to-bloom
flower to heightened levels,” which is showcased throughout the collection
that includes fabric curls about the face that looks like they grow upwards
to the neck like unfurling petals.

Other nature metamorphosis detailing includes butterfly and moth motifs
at significant zones such as the neck, back, shoulders and sleeves, while
patterns clash and enhance one other representing the hybrid species that
emerge such as leopard-butterflies and zebra-moths.

There is a lightness to the collection, with boxy silhouettes feeling
light and airy, sensual and fluid, while silhouettes are cinched and
tightened, with a tenseness of patent leather curl-studded belts.

Images: courtesy of Maticevski by Mitchell Sams

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