'Mind-boggling'- Barca star Pique slammed by Australian legend for tennis changes

The Spaniard is overseeing some big changes on the tennis court and an Aussie tennis legend is less than impressed

In a strange sporting crossover, former tennis world number one Lleyton Hewitt has hit out at Barcelona star Gerard Pique for his influence over the Davis Cup. 

Pique’s company Kosmos has signed a mammoth $3 billion deal stretching 25 years with the International Tennis Federation (ITF) which will see them replace the Davis Cup with the World Cup of Tennis.

The new-look format will be held over 18-weeks, see matches restricted to three sets and have the final played in Spain. 

Hewitt, himself a Davis Cup winner, is less than impressed with the changes Pique’s company is overseeing. 

“It’s ridiculous. We’re getting run by a Spanish football player,” Hewitt said.

“That’s like me coming out and making changes to the Champions League. He knows nothing about tennis.

“His group has bought into the ITF and now they’re basically running the ITF and that’s why we see all these Spanish sponsors and a soccer league is now the biggest sponsor of the Davis Cup.

“It’s mind-boggling.”

Pique founded Kosmos in 2017 and is the current president of the sports and media investment group. 

With a number of players vowing they won’t participate in the new-look Davis Cup, Pique has attempted to shift focus onto the team aspect of the competition, while confirming fellow Spaniard Rafael Nadal will play. 

“We want to focus on teams not individuals, on players representing their nation and their federation and on building the best teams possible,” Pique said in October 2018.

“We want the focus on the competition to be the teams, which is what it always has been. The Davis Cup has survived for 118 years because of the national teams, and because individual players haven’t been so important.

“I’ve spoken to all the players, Rafa has been very positive and now it will be in Madrid he likes it even more, he has told me if he is fit he will come.”

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