Roland Mouret designs Rambert Dance costumes

There seems to be no end to designer and high street collaborations. Thankfully, Roland Mouret has kept his fashion integrity in tact, and has designed stunning costumes for the Rambert Dance Company after his capsule range for Gap. Rambert Dance Company, which debuted new choreographed works on Tuesday, is celebrating 80 year of innovation in dance this year. The company dates from 1926 when dancers from Marie Rambert’s Russian Dancing School performed a short ballet called, A Tragedy of Fashion, choreographed by Frederick Ashton.

Mouret designed costumers for two short pieces, called Transit and Verge. For Transit, Mouret was inspired by flamboyant director Pedro Almodovar and American artist Cindy Sherman. “I wanted to manipulated the notion of portraiture through the use of the costume, simple and straightforward images of a created female character,’ he stated.

For ‘Verge,’ Mouret designed loose dresses that draped over the dancers, who mostly danced on chairs. Mouret said he wanted to catch that moment when life changes, the unexpected instant “imagine changing your clothes and a bomb blows up the house, when you are caught unprepared, a flash pose.” Rambert Dance Company will show until 18 November at Sadler’s Wells in London. For more information go to .

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