Is Victoria Beckham Ditching Her High Heels?

Victoria Beckham is known for her pseudo-obsession with high heels, so when she was spotted rocking “trainers” back in 2016, there were gasps heard around the world. Beckham herself laughs when I bring this up. “I suppose the picture that turned it all around would have been when I was in New York preparing for fashion week. That’s the one time of the year when you don’t have the time to really think about what you’re wearing. I ran out of my hotel in trainers, in a pair of men’s trainers, and it was this whole big thing,” she tells InStyle. Of course it wasn’t actually a first. “I’ve said a lot of things as a joke—a bit tongue in cheek—and no one ever saw me wearing trainers, but of course I’ve always worn trainers.”

Now, Beckham is not only wearing sneakers but designing them too. (Thought she may not be entirely over heels; she was wearing a pair during this interview). The former Spice Girl celebrated her soon-to-be-released Reebok x Victoria Beckham capsule collection in Los Angeles last week with basketball star and longtime Reebok ambassador Shaquille O’Neal. And turns out, Beckham and Shaq’s new friendship is everything you never knew you needed: The two wore matching T-shirts. They announced that they’ll be designing Reebok merch together, dropping next month. And Shaq gave Beckham a piggyback ride that no one in attendance will forget.

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Courtesy of Reebok

“I now understand why kids really like to go on shoulders,” Beckham says. “When you go to Disneyland and the kids are like, ‘Dad can I go on your shoulders?’ And you’re like, ‘Why would you want to go on someone’s shoulders?’ It is so fun. It’s a really fun thing to do, especially if they’re 7-foot-1.” Beckham herself is 5-foot-4.

The best part? The ascent. “I had to get on a ladder, literally,” the designer says of hoisting herself up to stand on Shaq’s shoulders for a photo op. “If we work together much more it’s going to be much more natural and I’ll jump up.”

“Me, David [Beckham], and the kids are huge fans of Shaq. I’m really excited about what we’re going to do together and what the collection is going to look like,” she later told TV presenter Louise Roe, who interviewed her at the party.

We caught up with Beckham to talk about what her kids want to be when they grow up, the one beauty product she can’t live without, and the only thing she wants for Mother’s Day.

VIDEO: Watch Little Kids Interview Victoria Beckham and Ask Hard-Hitting Questions


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Your family is very tight knit. Do your kids take after you in their style and passions? They’re all so individual. Romeo loves his tennis, Cruz loves his music—he plays guitar and also the cello. Brooklyn is into photography. Harper wants to be an inventor, but she also loves horses and she loves to paint. They all have their own things, and it’s so great that we can support them in everything that they’re doing as individuals.

You recently traveled to Kenya for a Sport Relief philanthropic initiative. What was that like? When I started working with the UN it really was quite life changing. The women and the girls that you meet when you go to these countries, they are incredible. They are so inspiring, they are so strong, they’re so powerful, and I always come back feeling really inspired as a woman, as a mother, as a wife. I can speak on behalf of these women—people will listen to what I have to say, for whatever reason—and I love going on those trips. I always feel very lucky to be given the opportunity because it’s incredible. Unless you actually go and see these things with your own eyes, it’s very difficult to understand. You can’t communicate that through photographs. You’ve got to actually go.

Have your kids taken part in similar projects? They all do. All of them have done a lot of philanthropic work, and they love it. It’s something that I haven’t told them to do. It’s something that they want to do and something that they feel that they have to do, all in their own way.

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. What’s at the top of your wish list? To sleep in.

Does David help your kids pull off Mother’s Day? He’s great. He’s incredibly romantic and he’s a great husband and a great dad. They’re all very thoughtful.

What is the one beauty product that you can’t live without? It’s my lip liner that I did with Estee Lauder, for sure.

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