This Might Be Alexander Skarsgård’s Secret Instagram Account

It looks like the Internet has unearthed another secret celebrity Instagram. In case you didn’t know, secret celebrity Instagrams seem to be all the rage (ever since the internet learned about Lorde’s amazing onion ring reviewing page). But she isn’t the only star with a secret online identity. Actor Alexander Skarsgård recently confirmed that he too has a discrete Instagram account that’s not tied to his public persona. And now, it seems like the internet has uncovered it.

While speaking with Vanity Fair Italia, Alexander Skarsgård discussed his use of social media. And while he’s not in it for the followers, he does indulge in some time on Instagram, he admitted.

“I have an Instagram account, but it is not a traditional celebrity account, I put a few things on it and I do not look for followers,” Skarsgård said in the interview.

And while he definitely enjoys his own account, he thinks it’s important for actors to have some distance from their audience.

“An actor must keep a certain distance from the public. If you post fourteen selfies a day, if I tell you what I ate at breakfast, then why should you come see my movies? Too much personal information questions the credibility of the interpreter. Frankly, I do not really like the narcissistic aspect of social media. I love it when people photograph and share what they see, not when they only post photos in which they look good,” he said.

So is Rex Danger Skarsgård’s secret account?

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It certainly looks like it. While there are no selfies (aside from one that shows off his outfit from the Met Ball but cuts off his face), the images seem to sync up with where he’s been spotted recently. Plus there are pictures of famous friends like 30 Rock‘s Jack McBrayer, and behind-the-scenes snaps from Drunk History.

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We’ll definitely be following Rex Danger for more fun and quirky photos from one of our favorite actors. We can’t wait to see what he’ll post next!

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