Listen to Clueless Charlize Theron Try to Explain Dating Apps and LOL

Charlize Theron is everyone’s mom when it comes to dating apps. The actress appeared on Wednesday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show and explained an app for single Hollywood stars that sounds a lot like Tinder. But for Theron, it wasn’t so familiar.

Her friend Chelsea Handler introduced her to “this world,” opening her eyes to how people date in 2017. “She was on her phone and she showed it to me and she was explaining it to me in that Chelsea Handler way, which is just like, ‘Yeah everybody’s doing this. What’s wrong with you? Where have you been, under a rock?’” she joked.

“So then I took real interest, and I was like, okay, well tell me, how does it work? And she’s swiping all these faces of guys in all different sorts of—I’m going to sound like I’m 80. But they’re in all sorts of different variations of no clothes, and then they know that you’ve just said no, I don’t like you,” she said, convinced that each guy gets a notification whether you’ve swiped right or left.

“And then you have to text them and then the flirting starts and it’s kind of awkward because you don’t know the person and they’re trying to be cute and they say weird things like, ‘What’s up, sexy?’ And it’s just awkward,” she said. “This is why I’m still single. I just like a good old friend hooking you up, or, I don’t know, introducing you. I’m so old school.”

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While the mom-of-two is confused by the online dating world, she’s infatuated with the two loves of her life at home: her son Jackson and daughter August. “I didn’t grow up with siblings, and so I had no idea the beauty that siblings have with each other. It really is one of the most incredible things I’ve ever witnessed to see how much they love each other and how much they’re excited to see each other,” she told DeGeneres.

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“They’re so in love with each other. It’s really beautiful.”

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