These 3 Life Changes Can Greatly Improve Your Overall Wellness

When health writer and chef Phoebe Lapine was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, she went on a wellness journey to discover ways to feel her best.

Throughout the process, she spoke with various wellness experts and tried numerous health trends, products and diets to figure out what worked and what didn’t.

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For anyone looking to improve their overall health and wellness, Lapine recommends making these three changes:

1. Try an elimination diet to find out what your food sensitivities and allergies are.

“Sometimes you need to take on extremes to find a middle ground,” says Lapine. “Food can be the most powerful agent of change. I think it’s a great place to start where people can really see an immediate impact.”

For Lapine’s personal journey, she gave up coffee, alcohol and sugar for 30 days.

“Those were my vices, and I’m sure they’re a lot people’s vices,” she says. “It’s much easier to cut all three together rather than separately. If you’re not staying up late drinking, you don’t necessarily need the coffee the next day. If you’re not eating a really sugary breakfast, you might not need the coffee in the afternoon to pick you up. If you’re not drinking, you’re probably making better food choices.”

Doing an elimination diet is key to finding out which foods are inflammatory for your body.

“Gluten and dairy tend to be inflammatory, but you really have to find your own prescription,” she says.

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2. Eat the rainbow.

Lapine recommends incorporating lots of colorful veggies in your diet.

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“All of that color is an indication of the antioxidants and the nutrients that will regulate your body and reduce inflammation,” she says.

In addition, start adding turmeric to your recipes.

“There’s nothing more vibrant!” she says. “And it’s a very powerful anti-inflammatory food.”

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3. Switch to natural beauty and household cleaning products.

It’s one thing that seems really hard and does require some financial investment, but making the one-time change can make your life so much easier going forward,” says Lapine. “Set yourself up for success at home in terms of the products you use, including what you use to clean your home. It’s one less thing contributing to your toxic burden.”

For more of Lapine’s tips and healthy recipes, check out her new book, The Wellness Project.

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