Ferrari hoping to conclude season with current pool of turbos

A glance at teams’ current component usage reveals that both Ferrari drivers are on the limit with regard to turbo consumption.

Early-season failures for Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen led to four turbo changes, or one element of the five-element limit beyond which a grid penalty is imposed on a driver.

While Ferrari tech boss Mattia Binotto remains attentive to the matter, he’s also hopeful of avoiding penalties by rotating components within the Scuderia’s pool.

“Certainly it is somehow a concern that we had failure on the turbo at the start of the season and we had to replace them at the very start,” concedes the Swiss engineer.

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“You introduce very early in the season turbo number three and turbo number four.

“Having said that, we introduced as well in the following turbos some modifications for reliability, and they are running well at the moment.

“We’ve got all the pool at the moment that has been introduced, but we’ve got all the mileage available on each turbo, so we are rotating them.

“Obviously it’s our objective to conclude the season with the current pool of turbos.”

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