Guess who Sebastian Vettel would love to invite to dinner?

There isn’t much we don’t know about Sebastian Vettel the racing driver, but there are plenty of tidbits  to discover about the man behind the champion.

In its first installment of a new interview series, peeled back the varnish to uncover some of Vettel’s hidden items and desires.

Flattery probably won’t get anywhere with Sebastian Vettel but a box of chocolates – his guilty pleasure – will definitely land you in his good graces.

The Scuderia stalwart confesses that he doesn’t collect anything, doesn’t read much, and that his worst buy was a worthless electronic device.

He also says that the thing he misses most about his home when he’s away is his bed, while sleeping late and spending the day with family and friends is his idea of the perfect non-race Sunday.

Vettels reveals that the most embarrassing mistake in his career was crashing into the back of future team mate Mark Webber at Fuji in 2007.

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Asked when was the last time he was really angry, Vettel pointed to a football team’s defeat.

“When Germany’s football team lost against France in the semi-finals of the European championships last year,” he quipped.

Vettel’s bucket list is fairly plain and simple, claiming he wishes to be able to one day ‘travel with more time.”

But things get intriguing when asked which three people, living or dead, he would like to invite to dinner.

“Enzo Ferrari, Audrey Hepburn, and Albert Einstein. Should make an interesting dinner conversation!”

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Finally, Vettel, whose resistance to social media is well known, offered a predictable answer to the question ‘What should everyone try once in their lifetime?’.

“Spending a few months offline,” he fired back.

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