Horner scraps Sainz’s prospects of leaving Toro Rosso

Carlos Sainz’s prospects of leaving Toro Rosso were properly scrapped by Red Bull Racing boss Christian Horner who insisted the Spaniard would remain with the team in 2018. 

Sainz has been linked with several teams for next season, the 22-year-old even promoting himself yesterday by stating that, regardless of his contractual situation with Red Bull, he would likely move on from Toro Rosso in 2018.

“My number one target is to be with Red Bull next year, fighting for podiums and wins,” he told reporters at the Red Bull Ring.

“I am going to keep pushing for this. If that doesn’t happen, a fourth year at Toro Rosso is unlikely.”

Christian Horner begged to disagree however, reminding the Spaniard of his commitment to Red Bull.

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“He’s under contract,” Horner told Sky F1.

“We’ve exercised his option as well so he’s under contract. We have an option on him for next year and the year after. He’ll be in a Toro Rosso again next year. 

“Contracts are clear. You have to remember these guys, he only got an opportunity in Formula 1 because of Red Bull investing in him in the junior years.”

“It’s a little disingenuous of him to be making comments like that when a lot of investment goes into these guys to give them the opportunity.

“Without Red Bull he wouldn’t be sitting in a Formula 1 car.”

Horner also said it would be very unlikely for Red Bull to loan out its driver to another team, with Renault a possible candidate to take on Sainz. 

“I can’t imagine that scenario,” he said.

“Toro Rosso are ahead of Renault at this point in time. They’re doing a good job so it wouldn’t make sense to loan him out.”

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