Vettel and Hamilton disagree on 25-race calendar

Sebastian Vettel opposes Liberty Media’s long-term goal of extending Formula 1’s calendar to 25 races, while Lewis Hamilton would welcome additional venues.

As the sport’s new owners define the future of Grand Prix racing, the idea of adding more races to the current 20-race schedule was put on the table, with more venues in the US a likely option.

But Vettel is against the increase, believing it was stretch resources and put an even heavier  strain on teams.

“I think 25 is too many, 20 is enough,” Vettel said on Thursday in Melbourne.

“We don’t need more races. I think anything between 16 and 20 is the right number, thinking of the efforts going in from the team point of view.”

“I think for us [drivers] it’s fairly easy arriving more or less with hand luggage, doing the job and getting back.

“But for a lot of the team, for the staff, it’s hard work. I think we have enough races.”

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Lewis Hamilton however would welcome an extended schedule, and so would his team.

“I think if you ask any many of my team if they want to do more races or less they will ask for more,” he said.

“It is definitely tough on the guys that are travelling but they love it, they are addicted to it. They love motor racing and of course they love time at home. I love racing so I’m not opposed to more races.”

However, Hamilton urged F1’s new owners to change the calendar’s structure and target races in countries which harbor a passion for racing.

“I think they’ve got to change the structure,” he said,

“If it’s the same four days for 25 races I think it’ll be too much. If they spice it up and make it more… a period during the season that’s a more exciting than perhaps the other, I think there’s a lot they can do.

“As long as they’re countries in which there’s a good following. There’s no point going to a country, for example Turkey which is a beautiful place but no one turned up to the race.

“If you go to places where there’s a real good atmosphere, you can create a great event, then that’d be awesome.”

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