This Valentine’s Day Showers No Love For Tamil Nadu Rose Growers As Mercury Dip Halts Business

While dipping mercury and an increase in the production area meant a bumper rose produce for farmers in Pune, Tamil Nadu farmers have got the blues due to the same reason. India’s rose farmers are experiencing a remunerative season due to an increase in the demand for rose export.

Australia, Singapore and Malaysia and Persian Gulf countries are heavily dependent on India for export of rose ahead of Valentine’s day. However, rose farmers in the floriculture belt of Tamil Nadu’s Krishnagiri district say their exports have halved ahead of Valentine’s Day after the yield fell 20% due to heavy dew.

Hindustan Times reported that a heavy demand for roses owing to a good marriage season hasn’t affected the farmers very badly, though, reduction in yield and a bad season hasn’t helped them fetch the required price.Click Here: pinko shop cheap

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