Instead Of Fresh Food Trays, Air India To Give Packed Items On Less Than 1-Hour Flights

Meals for economy class flyers of full-service carriers (FSC) are the first casualty in the latest round of Indian airlines experiencing severe turbulence of spiralling costs. On Thursday, Air India decided to give boxes with long shelf life packed items like cookies or peanuts on flights with a duration of less than one hour instead of meal trays that usually have freshly made sandwiches or samosas.

“With sandwiches or samosas, there would sometimes be complaints of them getting spoilt. This move will stop such complaints. These boxes will be kept at the entrance of the aircraft and passengers will pick them up as they board. They can eat it on the flight or take with them. We are not going to have direct saving on meal cost by this switch,” said a senior AI official.

BCCL/Representational Image

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