Matrimonial Site Makes Aadhaar Number Mandatory To Find A Suitable Partner

A recent online survey on one of the popular matrimonial websites, revealed that around 91 per cent women gave more importance to verified profiles on the matchmaking portal than the ones which were not verified.

Legion of potential brides and grooms have turned to these websites to find a suitable partner. Photoshopped images, fake profile, fraud and extortion can convert one of the most sacred institutions into a nasty business hence, protection of accounts becomes all the more essential.

The moment somebody opts for signing up on, the website asks for the person’s 12 digit Aadhaar card number. (Let’s just hope the Aadhaar photo doesn’t make its way through the profile!) While the scheme was considered bizarre by many users, having verified profiles is not only an elimination factor but a key aspect in starting conversations.

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