Lyst Report: Activewear trends for 2020

Global fashion search platform Lyst has released its latest report, this
time focusing on one of the largest growing trends of the decade:

Titled “The State of Fitness Fashion,” the report comprises of
information Lyst gathered from the online shopping behavior—which consists
of searching, browsing, and buying—of more than 104 million shoppers across
12,000 brands and businesses over the past three months. According to the
report searches for activewear items have increased significantly by 59

See more key takeaways from Lyst’s “The State of Fitness Fashion” report

Leggings that sculpt the body the most wanted workout bottoms

As consumers search for leggings that are shaping, lifting, and
sculpting—which have increased 392 percent over the last three months—the
platform’s data indicates that this will be a growing trend.

Eco-conscious activewear is one of the largest trends to expect for

With sustainability becoming a more prominent trend in the fashion
industry, shoppers are more interested in ethically made garments—including
activewear. Searches for “sustainable activewear,” such as those from
labels like Girlfriend, were at a record high, up 151 percent compared to
last year.

One-piece activewear wll continue to rise

One-piece workout suits like bodysuits, leotards, and catsuits saw an
increase of 83 percent in 2019, and has received an increase of 21 percent
since the beginning of January.

Image: Courtesy of Y7

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