FIFA 20 January Transfers: When do the winter changes take place and will transferred players get upgraded?

The first batch of player updates from this month’s transfer window is set to be released in FIFA Ultimate Team

The January transfer window is an exciting time for football fans as they envision how their team will look for the second half of the season with new stars added to their club’s squad.

Fans of FIFA are no different, following how real-life clubs go about their business by adding new players to their squads in FIFA Ultimate Team to help them in Divisions Rivals and FUT Champions.

The FIFA 20 database is updated throughout the month for Online Seasons and Career Mode, while FIFA Ultimate Team also receives a big update through January transfers and the Ratings Refresh.

When do the January transfers start in FIFA 20?

Transferred players are released in batches every year and begin before the transfer window closes across Europe.

This means that FIFA 20 gamers will not have to wait until after the window closes to get a chance to use these players at their new clubs.

The first batch of transers in FIFA 19 began on Friday, January 18, so if FIFA 20 follows this, this year’s transfer update should begin on Friday, January 17.

The earlier batches of transfers usually focus on the marquee players that have moved during the month, with lower-rated and lesser-known names usually not updated until early February.

Will transferred players get upgraded?

In February, EA Sports will reveal their annual Ratings Refresh. This is where many of the season’s best performers get improved overall scores in FIFA Ultimate Team.

These winter upgrades can apply to players who moved during the January transfer window, but any players updated during January will keep their original rating. If they receive an upgraded score during the Ratings Refresh, they will also receive another update to their card, with the original club item and January updated item keeping their previous score.

In-Form players as well as special items such as FUTmas cards or Team of the Tournament players will still be assigned to their previous club and league. Any new Team of the Week items will reflect the player’s new club.

Who will be the Winter Ones to Watch players?

The end of the January transfer window also sees the release of a new batch of Ones to Watch players in FIFA 20.

Most of the biggest names and biggest clubs will be included in the new group of Ones to Watch items, with the FIFA Community expecting players such as Erling Haaland (Borussia Dortmund), Takumi Minamino (Liverpool) and Zlatan Ibrahimovic (AC Milan) to be announced.

Last year, the Winter Ones to Watch were released in mid-February, so they should be released this year around Friday, February 14.

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