Jim Carrey: 'The Future of the Free World at Stake' if Mueller Does Not Testify Before Congress

Actor Jim Carrey unleashed another politically charged drawing on Tuesday, this time demanding that Robert Mueller testify in public about President Donald Trump and insisting that the “fate of the free world is at stake” if he does not appear.

“We understand your desire to testify in private Mr. Mueller, but people don’t believe the news anymore because of someone you should have recommended for indictment,” Jim Carrey captioned his message, depicting Mueller as a prune-faced old man. Carrey decried Mueller’s desire to testify only in a closed session, one not open to public scrutiny.

“In person, you could MAKE THEM BELIEVE,” Jim Carrey continued. “No pressure, though… It’s just the future of the free world at stake.”

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Mueller delivered an 800-page report to Congress — which was later released to the public — showing that President Donald Trump did not collude with the Russian government to affect the 2016 presidential election. But since he issued his extensive report based on millions of pages of documents and thousands of interviews, Mueller has evinced a reticence to testify in public before Congress.

The Sonic the Hedgehog star rejected the extensive Mueller report in April with a tweet depicting Trump in a scene from The Exorcist and featuring a message insisting that Trump is “definitely not exonerated and Barr definitely couldn’t go any lower.”

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