Watch live: POLITICO interview with Commissioner Julian King

European Security Commissioner Julian King | Thierry Roge/AFP via Getty Images

Watch live: POLITICO interview with Commissioner Julian King

Ryan Heath speaks to European commissioner for the Security Union at 9 a.m. Brussels time.



How are EU countries and companies preparing against future cyber threats? What are the most likely areas of vulnerability in infrastructures crucial to our democracies? What tools can governments use to protect them and what role can the industry play in securing them?

As the the EU is rethinking its legislative arsenal for the digital age and the new threats that come with it, POLITICO’s tech team sits down with policymakers, business leaders and diplomats to discuss the many challenges ahead, starting with Security Commissioner Julian King.

Making the EU election cyber-ready is on everyone’s mind as the bloc enters election season. Are online and electronic voting secure? Should elections and democratic institutions be defined as critical infrastructure in cybersecurity law? Is there a need for EU legislation on election cybersecurity? All question will be addressed with people dealing with them on the frontline.

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