Jussie Smollett's 'Community Service': 18 Hours with Jesse Jackson's Organization | Breitbart

Cook County, Illinois, prosecutors dropped 16 felony charges against left-wing Hollywood actor Jussie Smollett on Tuesday based on his prior record of community service.

That record reportedly consisted of 18 hours’ volunteering for Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition on Saturday and Monday.

TMZ.com reported:

TMZ noted that the organization regarded Smollett’s work as volunteering, not community service to atone for any crime.

The Chicago Tribune also published letters Tuesday from The Black AIDS Institute, Jackson’s Rainbow Push Coalition, and the City Lights Orchestra detailing the former Empire actor’s “service.”

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The letter from the Rainbow PUSH Coalition noted: “We are grateful for the opportunity to work with such a talented and humble personality.” The Black AIDS Institute and the City Lights Orchestra detailed Smollett’s past work for the organization but not any particular work in the recent past.

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