Jeffrey Wright Compares President Trump to Charles Manson

Left-wing actor Jeffrey Wright compared President Donald Trump to notorious cult leader Charles Manson in an impeachment-related social media post.

Wright’s tweet features a video of Devin Nunes (R-CA) delivering a speech on the House floor, defending President Donald Trump against the Democrats’ ongoing push for impeachment.

“What we’re seeing among Democrats on the Intelligence Committee down in the SCIF right now is like a cult,” Nunes is seen saying in a video attached to Wright’s tweet. “These are a group of people loyally following their leader as he bounces from one outlandish conspiracy theory to another. And the media are the cult followers.”

Captioning his tweet, Jeffrey Wright said “Happy Halloween, I guess, folks.” The Westworld actor’s tweet also features short video with President Trump making facial gestures on the left and Manson making similar facial expressions on the right.

Wright seemingly spent hours on Thursday heckling the president. He was among the many Hollywood leftists who took to social media and celebrated after the House passed H. Res. 660 on a partisan vote of 232-196 — a bill that allows House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) caucus to formally establish the rules regarding the ongoing impeachment inquiry Democrats are pursing against President Donald Trump.

“*I’m November 6, 2018, and I approve this message.* Democracy, baby. VOTE,” Jeffrey Wright said mere minutes after the bill passed.

Just last month the No Time to Die actor called Trump a “corrupt lowlife clown” who needs to be impeached.

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