Mia Farrow Celebrates Illegal Alien Jumping 'Trump's Stupid Wall' as 'Triumph of Human Spirit'

Actress Mia Farrow called an illegal alien who jumped a wall along the United States-Mexico border a “triumph of the human spirit.”

On Thursday, Farrow posted a screenshot of a viral video that showed an illegal alien climbing over a wall in the El Centro, California, sector of the southern border where President Donald Trump’s administration completed a newly renovated and 18 to 30-feet high barrier.

“Triumph of the human spirit,” Farrow said, along with the hashtag “#TrumpsStupidWall.”

U.S. Border Patrol, though, noted that the illegal alien was immediately arrested and detained by agents once he dropped down to the American side of the border. The newly constructed barrier, an agent said, worked exactly as intended — to stop and slow border crossers down, giving agents enough time to respond.

“While the physical barrier serves to slow down illicit traffic, the detection technology alerts our agents as to where and when threats emerge,” the agent said in a video response. “… In this particular incident, the border wall system worked exactly as designed. The illicit traffic was slowed down, the detection technology alerted our agents, agents responded, and the subject was apprehended.”

The illegal alien, the agent said, was a 16-year-old male Mexican national.

“All too often, criminal organizations exploit juveniles in this regard,” the agent said. “… Crossing illegally into the United States is a federal crime. Those who violate the law will be held accountable and there are consequences to these actions.”

Every year, hundreds of thousands — sometimes millions — of illegal aliens cross the U.S.-Mexico border. Federal officials estimate that only about half of all illegal aliens are arrested and detained while the other half successfully enters the country, undetected. For Fiscal Year 2018, about 397,000 illegal aliens crossed the southern border, indicating that potentially another 397,000 successfully crossed undetected by agents.

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