Guns Drawn, Oregon Deputies Capture A Rogue Roomba

HILLSBORO, OR — A rattled resident of Washington County, Oregon, recently heard an intruder in her bathroom. She could see movement in the shadows under the bathroom door. This was serious. She called 911.

Multiple deputies from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office swarmed the house a minute after the call, according to a news release posted Tuesday on Facebook. They confirmed they could hear a “rustling” noise coming from the bathroom.

They asked for a canine officer to assist them. Over a bullhorn, they demanded several times that the intruder come out of the house.

This appeared to be one stubborn suspect. No one emerged.

Guns drawn, they threw open the bathroom door. There, “crouched” low to the ground, was the culprit.

It was a Roomba — an automated, robotic floor vacuum. With a flip of a switch, the Roomba was contained, the sheriff’s office said in a hilarious Facebook post.

No charges were filed. The Roomba had done a fine job cleaning the floor, the sheriff’s office noted.

Read the minute-by-minute account of the “capture” of the trapped Roomba below.

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