Hungarian GP organisers expecting to proceed with August race

Hungarian Grand Prix organisers are moving ahead with their plans to host the country’s round of the F1 world championship at the start of August.

Formula 1 is in the process of rebuilding its 2020 calendar following the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic which has forced ten race organizers to cancel or postpone their event.

F1 boss Chase Carey is confident the sport will be able to kick off its season in early July with a double-header at the Red Bull Ring followed by another two-race week at Silverstone, with both events held behind closed doors.

Hungary would then pick up the race baton for its traditional mid-summer event, as long as the country’s health and safety measures allow for the race to go ahead as Hungaroring boss Zsolt Gyulay explained.

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“We are in a daily contact with the rights holder,” Gyulay told Autosport.

“Liberty is aware that we are open for all kinds of solutions, and we are ready for organising a race. The way it takes is definitely beyond our control, and it depends on the situation the country is in.

“We are waiting for the relaxation of the measures, and how and when life goes back to normal.

“Along with the Austrians and the British we have confirmed, too, that we are fully committed to starting the F1 season.

“We have talked about the option of a closed-door race, but its protocol is still being developed for Austria.

“If it has been developed certainly we will comply with the regulations as well. Of course, a lot depends on the government’s set of rules, too.”

Gyulay admitted that a race held without fans would not be a profitable enterprise for his organisation.

“One thing is sure, for both the government and the Hungaroring it is very important to organise the Hungarian Grand Prix,” he said.

“There are two options. The first one is that we organise a race closed to fans, similarly to Austria. Certainly, it would mean a huge loss for the promoter.

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“The second option is to organise the race with fans, in which we have 35 years of experience.

“Last year we broke the audience number record, and based on the pre-sold tickets, a similar number was expected for this year’s race.

“Of course, ticket purchase has stopped since the outbreak started, and we must adapt to the new situation.

“Although the utilisation of the track is suspended now, we continuously do the maintenance at the circuit, which is in good condition, since we are prepared for the Hungarian GP to be held on 2 August.”

For now, the Hungaroring isn’t contemplating following Austria and Britain as a double-header.

“It is too early to speak about it, because the negotiations are not at that point yet,” Gyulay said.

“The circuit is suitable for organising two consecutive races, furthermore, the country would benefit from it either from a touristic or economic point of view, if the teams spent two weeks in Hungary.”

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