Best Miami Beach Souvenir Ever For Right Price

MIAMI BEACH, FL — Forget beach towels, ashtrays and T-shirts. Somebody is going to take home one of the best souvenirs ever from Miami Beach short of a personal visit from Don Johnson.

The bidding has opened on seven of the resort city’s iconic lifeguard towers. They have been captured in endless selfies, Hollywood blockbusters and of course the popular “Miami Vice” television show that ignited a decades-long wave of tourism.

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Miami Beach lifeguard towers have sold for as much as $3,050 in the past and as little as $100. But the wow factor is priceless.

In addition to the obvious bragging rights, lifeguard towers would make a great tree house, backyard tiki bar or dog house, according to the city’s Melissa Berthier.

Website described the Miami Beach lifeguard towers as visual icons of the tourist haven.

“Today, images of the towers are everywhere — from real-estate advertisements to city documents and magazine articles,” the website penned. “It is really great to have something so recognizable representing Miami.”

There is one thing that potential bidders should keep in mind if they are thinking about taking home one of these oversize souvenirs.

“Highest bidders are responsible for transporting the towers,” Berthier added.

Photo courtesy city of Miami Beach

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