Get A Whiff Of This: Couple's Avon Business Is Smelling Great

LOGANVILLE, GA — When Andres and Valeryn Tabares first met, they both were working long hours and struggling to spend time together early on in their relationship. The duo knew they needed to make a career change when Valeryn got pregnant and Andreas wasn’t able to be part of key family milestones.

Andres turned to his mom and inspiration, Alba, for advice. As a successful Avon representative for more than 15 years, Alba encouraged Andres to join Avon.

“I became an Avon representative during Valeryn’s pregnancy,” he said. “I was missing key moments that I wanted to experience with her and I knew I needed to find a career that afforded a better work-life balance. My mom, who has been an Avon representative for awhile, suggested I give Avon a try. I really liked the lifestyle my parents had through Avon and I had been helping them already to grow their business. I decided to give it a try and I grew to love it. Now, I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

Valeryn had already joined Avon before Andres, also at the prompting of Andres’ mother. Both began their Avon careers in 2016.

“Initially, I was so busy with my full-time job that I wasn’t able to fully commit to building my Avon business,” she said. “Once, Andres joined as a representative, we started working on building a business together and are more committed than ever to continue this career path.”

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“It was a big lifestyle change we had to make was learning to not spend on things we didn’t need,” said Andre. “I liked to spend my money on car parts and Valeryn liked getting manicures/pedicures and purses. We had to make building our Avon business a priority and use money to invest back into our business to grow our customer base and identify the best ways to get consistent orders. We surrounded ourselves around friends that had similar mindsets and tapped into mentors that helped us stay focused and provided valuable advice to get our business up and running.”

Now, as parents of a 2-year-old, the duo is balancing between work and making time for their son. Andres has been there for every part of his son’s life, since birth.

In June, they moved from Grayson to their new home in Logansville.

“Being Avon Representatives has improved our lives by allowing us to enjoy family time and being able to work together,” said Valeryn. “We compliment each other and use our strengths and weaknesses to our advantage to make our business better. We’ve also been able to travel to two different countries in only three years with Avon, all-expenses paid, thanks to their amazing incentive programs. We have also learned so many quality skills about communicating with people, listening to their needs and customer service in general.”

Not only are sales through the roof, the two were chosen as stars of the iconic beauty brand’s upcoming national campaign, launching on Aug. 21.

“The campaign features representatives in various categories such as beauty, health and wellness, jewelry,” said Andres. “We were chosen specifically for fragrance as it’s a category we are particularly close to and sell often to our customers. We are honored to be selected amongst 19 other Avon representatives nationwide to be featured in this iconic campaign. Real people, real success and real role models. We couldn’t be prouder to represent that for Avon.”

Photos courtesy Andres and Valeryn Tabares and Avon

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