UPCN San Juan, Argentina A1 Champion for third time in a row!

After defeating Buenos Aires Unidos in a 5-match-series, UPCN became champion on Monday night. With its setter Demian Gonzalez as MVP of the finals, the Union Team managed to reverse a 0-2 disadvantage and won the third match by 3-2 (28-30, 20-25, 25-20, 25-22, 15-10). Brasilian opposite Evandro Guerra scored 29 points and led his team to a new trophy.


Buenos Aires Unidos reached the finals with an impressive 18-0 record playing at home and only 3 defeats this season. Nevertheless, the team of San Juan arrived to Mar del Plata with thirst of glory and took a 2-0 advantage in the first two matches, winning 3-1 and 3-2 respectively.

Afterwards, the series moved to San Juan. In a crowded Aldo Cantoni Stadium, that held more than 8,000 souls, Waldo Kantor’s team took the lead with great playmaking by young Nicolas Uriarte, who would have easily been the MVP finals, if having won. First two sets were managed with marvelous level of BAU players (Guillaume Samica and Nicolas Bruno had really good performances), but reaction arrived to the hall. Bogdan Olteanu, Pablo Bengolea and mostly Evandro Guerra woke up from their nap and gave UPCN both third and fourth set to its team.

Tie break found the host team in better shape. BAU dropped the intensity and lost the control of the match, surrendering to Guerra’s power and UPCN great game plan. Bruno Romanutti’s serve went long and Fabian Armoa’s team made it to its third crown in three years.  

UPCN San Juan Voley: Demian Gonzalez (MVP), Sebastian Fernandez, Evandro Guerra, Lucas Tell, Junior Sousa, Martin Ramos, Gustavo Molina, Bogdan Olteanu, Pablo Bengolea, Rodrigo Peres Lopes, Sebastian Garrocq, Matias Salvo. Fabian Armoa (head coach), Carlos Leon (assistant), Leandro Lardone (PP), Alberto Varela (statistics), Enrique Valle (manager).

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