VakifBank makes history

After achieving a 73 consecutive win series during the 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 seasons, the World and European Champion VakıfBank İstanbul has settled in the Guinness World Records for ‘The most consecutive volleyball victories in all competitions’ title. VakıfBank’s 73 game win series was achieved by winning the World, European and Turkish Championship. The record set by VakıfBank is now officially confirmed by Guinness World Records marking a first in sports history.


VakıfBank’s success has added a great contribution to Turkish Volleyball during the European and World Championship. VakıfBank again has achieved another accomplishment that has made Turkey proud. The record hunters achieved a 73 win series for the previous two seasons and entered the Guinness World Records. VakıfBank Sports Club’s application for the title claim was evaluated by Guinness; later the consecutive win record became official by Guinness World Records.

VakıfBank’s record series was achieved by competing in 5 different tournaments without facing a defeat. The Record Hunters records include; Turkish League, Turkish Cup, Turkish Super Cup, European Champions League and the FIVB Club World Championship were all achieved in 2013 undefeated.

VakıfBank, without facing a defeat for 624 days from the 11th of May 2011 until the 25th of January 2014, 42 games in the Turkish League, 20 games in the Champions League, 4 games in the World Club Championship, 6 games in the Turkish Cup and 1 game in the Turkish Super Cup added up to a total of 73 winning series gaining a unbreakable record.

VakıfBank Sports Club Chairman Osman Demren expressed his views after the team gained the world record title saying ‘’we are pleased that our 73 consecutive win series have become an official record. We will continue to work hard to add new accomplishments for VakıfBank and Turkish Volleyball. While planning our future and investments, our record becoming official and hearing good news like this encourages us more for new victories. Our record entering the world volleyball history shows how much our efforts are important. I would like to thank all of our players, coaching staff and club employees. I would like to also thank our management, sponsors and fans for their never ending support.’’

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VakıfBank’s head coach Giovanni Guidetti added ‘’VakıfBank family have achieved something very special. We have won all the games in all tournaments undefeated and I’m not sure if the volleyball history will witness anything similar. In addition to our series, the trophies that have been achieved are also very meaningful to us. We took 5 cups back to museum throughout this winning streak. I would like to thank our VakıfBank family, team, technical staff for all their contributions to this success. We have done all that was needed to become a team, hence why we have achieved a difficult breaking record in history’’.

Gözde Sonsırma, VakıfBank’s team captain has had a huge contribution in achieving the record mentioned that ‘’ we are very pleased that our 73 match consecutive winning streak has been accepted as an official record. VakıfBank has not only achieved this record in sports history, but has also now settled in world history which makes us feel very proud. I’m very happy to be a team captain for this team. This achievement is not only important for Turkish Volleyball, but it’s also an important influence for Turkish women too. I would like to congratulate my teammates, management, VakıfBank family and fans for their support and contribution to our 73 match 5 cup accomplishment.’’


Here’s VakıfBank’s Record Series:


1-VakıfBank – Valero Zürih 3-0 
2-Ekaterinburg – VakıfBank            1-3 
3-VakıfBank – Cannes          3-0 
4-Cannes – VakıfBank          2-3 
5-VakıfBank – Ekaterinburg            3-1 
6-Valero Zürih – VakıfBank 2-3 
7-Trefl Sopot – VakıfBank    1-3 
8-VakıfBank – Trefl Sopot    3-0 
9-VakıfBank – Eczacıbaşı      3-1 
10-Eczacıbaşı – VakıfBank    1-3 
11-Galatasaray – VakıfBank 0-3 
12-VakıfBank – Rabita Bakü 3-0 

1-Gent – VakıfBank   0-3 
2-VakıfBank – D.Bükreş 3-0 
3-Trefl Sopot-  VakıfBank 1-3 
4-VakıfBank – Trefl Sopot 3-0 
5-D.Bükreş – VakıfBank 0-3 
6-VakıfBank – Gent 3-0

7-Igtisadchi Bakü – VakıfBank 0-3

8-VakıfBank – Igtisadchi Bakü 3-0

1-VakıfBank – Iowa Ice 3-0 
2-VakıfBank – Unilever Volei 3-1 
3-VakıfBank – Evergrande 3-0 
4-VakıfBank – Unilever Volei 3-0 

TURKISH CUP 2012 – 2013
1-VakıfBank – İBA Kimya      3-0 
2-VakıfBank – Yeşilyurt        3-0 
3-Yeşilyurt – VakıfBank        0-3 
4-VakıfBank – Karşıyaka       3-0 
5-Galatasaray – VakıfBank 1-3 
6-VakıfBank – Eczacıbaşı      3-0 

1-VakıfBank – Ereğli 3-0 
2-Beşiktaş – VakıfBank        1-3 
3-F.Bahçe – VakıfBank         2-3 
4-VakıfBank – Yeşilyurt        3-0 
5-VakıfBank – İlbank            3-0 
6-Bursa – VakıfBank 0-3 
7-VakıfBank – İBA Kimya      3-0 
8-Eczacıbaşı – VakıfBank      1-3 
9-VakıfBank – Nilüfer Bld.   3-0 
10- Galatasaray – VakıfBank 0-3 
11-VakıfBank – Sarıyer         3-0 
12-VakıfBank – Fenerbahçe            3-1 
13-Ereğli – VakıfBank           0-3 
14-VakıfBank – Beşiktaş      3-0 
15-İlbank – VakıfBank          0-3 
16-Yeşilyurt – VakıfBank      0-3 
17-VakıfBank – Bursa           3-2 
18-İBA Kimya – VakıfBank    0-3 
19-Nilüfer Bld. – VakıfBank 0-3 
20-VakıfBank – Eczacıbaşı    3-1 
21-VakıfBank – Galatasaray           3-0 
22-Sarıyer – VakıfBank         0-3 
23-Sarıyer – VakıfBank         0-3 
24-VakıfBank – Sarıyer         3-0 

25-Fenerbahçe – VakıfBank            1-3 
26-VakıfBank – Fenerbahçe            3-0 
27-VakıfBank – Eczacıbaşı    3-1 
28-Eczacıbaşı – VakıfBank    2-3 
29-Eczacıbaşı – VakıfBank    1-3 

1-VakıfBank – Çanakkale    3-1 
2- Galatasaray – VakıfBank            0-3 
3-VakıfBank – F.Bahçe         3-0 
4-Eczacıbaşı – VakıfBank      0-3 
5-VakıfBank – Ereğli 3-0 
6-Yeşilyurt – VakıfBank        0-3 
7-Beşiktaş – VakıfBank        0-3 
8-VakıfBank – İlbank            3-0 
9-Bursa BB – VakıfBank       1-3 
10-VakıfBank – Sarıyer         3-0 
11-Halkbank – VakıfBank    0-3

12-Çanakkale Belediye – VakıfBank   0-3

13-VakıfBank – Galatasaray 3-2

1-VakıfBank-Eczacıbaşı        3-2

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