Yeon-Koung Kim’s case solved?

Finally Korean wing spiker can think positively about future. FIVB eventually intervened in Kim’s case with the help of Fenerbahce and Turkish Volleyball Federation.



FIVB seems to reverse their decision about the ITC issue of Kim. Turkish federation and Fenerbahce asked to FIVB that their 4 year contract with Kim has to be respected, and FIVB decided to hold a legal committee to reconsider this issue in Swiss Lausanne.

Below there is translation with further info about Kim’s case:

Suddenly FIVB pressed KVA to issue ITC for Kim Yeon-Koung – FIVB’s duplicity
KVA, KOVO, Heungkuk disagree-struggling to find proper action.

Kim Yeon-Koung’s problem about transferring has got twisted by FIVB’s duplicity.

FIVB confirmed that “Heungkuk is Kim Yeon-Koung’s ‘Club of Origin’ 10th of Oct last year. Clubs interested in Kim must discuss Kim’s transfer for 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 seasons with HK, KVA (Korea Volleyball Association) and KOVO (Korea Volleyball Federation). FIVB doesn’t need to intervene in this problem anymore.” through KVA this April. That was the final determination to complete this problem. But recently FIVB planned to hold the legal committee and mentioned about issuing Kim’s ITC for upcoming season. Eventually it makes KVA and KOVO quite upset.

KVA and KOVO asked some questions on official document to FIVB
▲Why FIVB will review the final determination about Kim.
▲Whole process of the legal committee
▲This FIVB’s movement could cause serious chaos in Korea Volleyball.
KVA who wondered the legal committee of FIVB even help an emergency meeting to figure out actions to take on 31st of Aug.

It seems FIVB’s step is the result of Fenerbahce and Turkish Volleyball Feneration’s lobbying. Fenerbahce sent the president of TVF a letter of request mentioning Kim signed 4 year-contract with Fenerbahce and this contract must be protected. Finally TVF delivered this letter to FIVB. Related to this letter, FIVB also asked HK to answer on paper about it. HK claimed Fenerbahce’s claim about 4 year-contract is false and even requested FIVB to punish Fenerbahce for disobeying the determination of FIVB. The decision related to this issue will be come up soon at the meeting held in Lausanne, Swiss.

Because of opening the committee, FIVB is suspected of intention. FIVB does let the lawyer of Fenerbahce who received the power of attorney join the committee but didn’t inform HK of exact schedule of the committee. According to the document FIVB sent to KVA, FIVB mentioned the possibility of issuing ITC for KimYeonKoung without permission from HK and it looks FIVB already had made the final decision first and pretended to act.

Finally FIVB did a right decision, which should be made long time ago. Now it seems that Kim will be available for Fenerbahce in next club season, what will stenghten team.

What is interesting, last days Kim appeared in Korean NT. As a part of preparations for qualifications to World Championships 2014 and to Asian Championships, Korea played friendly matches with Peru. Yeong-Koung Kim played in three first matches (Korea won them 3-1, 3-1 and 3-0). In last game Kim didn’t play, because she has gone to Turkey for personal reasons. That game Peru won 3-0.

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