Awards: The best players in Argentina

Argentine League awards to the best of the 2010/11 in a luxury volleyball ceremony. Gustavo Scholtis and José Sousa “Junior” were the best local and foreign MVP.




The ACLAV Argentine Volleyball League Tarjeta Nativa Nación had its official closing of the 2010/11 season at Madison Hotel in the Tribeca Hotel were the best in the three competitions organized by the ACLAV received their awards.

With the presence of players, coaching teams, sponsors, journalists, and the volleyball family related to the A1 Men League, A2 upgrading Men League and the A1 Women League, the usual annual competition closing ceremony took place this Monday evening.

First the awards to the best of the A1 were given. The best setter, digger, receiver, blocker, spiker and server received their recognition and at the end of this first part the revelation award (chosen by all 12 coaches) was given to Ricardo Ferreiro – Club de Pescadores Gualeguaychú.

Then, it was the time for the girls in their A1 Women League with Lucía Fresco chosen as MVP.

Also there was time of the Cup competition winners: UPCN Voley – Master Termas Concepción Cup; Boca Juniors – ACLAV Lotería de la Provincia Cup and Buenos Aires Unidos – Súper 8 Lotería de la Provincia Cup, with this last team – new franchise during this season taken the lead on two of the three competitions.

One of the most exciting moment of the evening was the prizes to the Best Media of the season with the award “Víctor Tempo” (a great journalist that passed away just a few weeks ago” and to the Best Organization with the award “Pablo Muraco” (remembering also a great volleyball worker and supporter).

Also the internet site Somos Voley received an award for being on the air 10 years dedicating themselves to broadcast volleyball to all Spanish readers. A place where ACLAV competitions always found broadcasting.

Also the INADI (Instituto Nacional contra la Discriminación, la Xenofobia y el Racismo) was there as result of working together with ACLAV from the start of the Play-Off Series to creat awareness in volleyball word against discrimination.

To end, the national and foreign MVP were awarded: Gustavo Scholtis and José Sousa “Junior” chosen by all coaches.

The closing was a great toast for the incredible season that came to an end and the new one that is already starting with the hiring of players and coaches and that will begin as soon as the iternational competitions organized by the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) for women and men teams are over.


A1 Men League

Best receiver: Pablo Meana (Drean Bolívar)

Best digger: Franco Massimino (La Unión de Formosa)

Best server: Gustavo Scholtis (La Unión de Formosa)

Best setter: Luciano De Decco (Drean Bolívar)

Best blocker: Gustavo Molina (UPCN Voley Club)

Best spiker: Lucas Ocampo (Drean Bolívar)

Best scorer: Lucas Ocampo (Drean Bolívar)

Revelation player: Ricardo Ferreiro (Club de Pescadores Gualeguaychú)

Best Organization – “Pablo Muraco Award”: Sarmiento Santana Textiles

Best Media – “Premio Víctor Tempo Award”: Matías Rosa (Drean Bolívar)

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Fair Play: Gigantes del Sur

MVP of the final series: Alex Moreno (UPCN Voley Club)

Second ranked team: Drean Bolívar

Champio coaching team: UPCN Voley Club

Foreign MVP of the season: José Sousa “Junior” (UPCN Voley Club)

National MVP of the season: Gustavo Scholtis (La Unión de Formosa)

Champion: UPCN Voley Club


A2 Men League:

Second ranked team and winner of the Play-Outs: MSM Bella Vista

MVP of the final series: José Gaona

Champion: Catamarca Voley


A1 Women League:

Best receiver: Lucía Gaido (Boca Juniors)

Best server: Antonella Curatolla (Bell Voley)

Best blocker: Emilce Sosa (Boca Juniors)

Best digger: Marianela Garbari (GELP)

Best setter: Sabrina Seguí (Boca Juniors)

Best spiker: Lucía Fresco (Boca Juniors)

Second ranked team: Bell Voley

MVP of the final series: Aylín Pereyra (Boca Juniors)

MVP of the season: Lucía Fresco (Boca Juniors)

Champion: Boca Juniors

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