Kurt Angle on How He Could Be Used in WWE Now That He’s Retired

WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle once again recently took part in a Q&A with his fans on his official Facebook page. Below are the highlights from the recent Q&A:
On wishing he would have kept some of The World Championships he has won over the years for his kids: “Unfortunately, I didn’t save any. I gave them either to charity or to Hall of Fames to display for fans. My wife disagrees with me, but I’ve never kept a shrine of my accomplishments because I don’t need a title to remind me of how good I was. Although, I wish I kept some of the apparel that I gave away, for my kids.”
On who stands out to him from the recent talents that moved up from NXT to The WWE main roster: “I’m really starting to like Aleister Black and Ricochet, but not as a tag team. They’re good together, but I think they will shine more as singles wrestlers. There are talents that have yet to be used — like Apollo, Gable, and Roode. It’s a good time to watch new stars come out of the woodwork.”
On how he may end up being involved in WWE now that he is retired: “I would like to teach the sports entertainers anything that I can to help them improve. It will be fun and challenging. I may end up with a managerial role on TV down the line. It would be fun managing the talent.”
You can check out more Q&A from Kurt Angle by visiting his official Facebook page at Facebook.com/RealKurtAngle.

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