Matti Oivanen: I expect tight matches with USA

"I think our main goal is to ensure our place in next years World League," says Matti Oivanen about Finnish goal in World League 2010.



Two weeks ago you qualified for European Championship 2011. How difficult was the qualification?
To qualify was surprisingly easy for us. In the first tournament we lose only one set. I didn’t expect so good start for the qualification. Maybe no one did. But we played well so it was piece of cake 🙂
Last year Finland played great in World league. This year you started with lost against "weaker" team of Egypt. Why?
Hard to say why. They also played well and we didn’t play like we played in qualifications. We have usually played quite bad in our first game in Finland. But the second game was better so first weekend wasn’t so big minus. Anyway we get 4 point.
Next round you host USA. Also USA did not start good their campaign in World league. How do you see your chances against the Olympic champions?
Of course we have a chance against them. They don’t have their best players either and they didn’t played so well against Russia. So I think that it’s going to be tight matches.
Finland is in World league pool with USA, Russia and Egypt. Do you believe in your qualification for Final Six in Argentina?
Last season was really good. We were close to place in final six.
But this summer will be different. Again really hard pool and we don’t have our best players with us so I think our main goal is to ensure our place in next years World League. So it means that we have to leave at least one team behind us.

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