Smackdown Rating: Did the Smackdown rating top Raw a second week in a row or did viewership return to prior levels? (w/Keller’s Analysis)


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Smackdown came up way short of a second straight week beating Raw in the ratings, drawing a 1.78 rating on Tuesday. That’s well below the 2.02 rating they drew last week and barely above the fall average of 1.75 and the rolling ten week average prior to this week of 1.77.

Smackdown drew a 1.93 rating a year ago this week.

Keller’s Analysis: Maybe it was Baron Corbin who drew the rating last week! The novelty of seeing John Cena’s return and a heavily hyped Triple Threat match for the WWE World Title outdrew the Miz vs. Dean Ambrose IC Title match and the Cena-A.J. Styles contract signing. Prime time network programming is starting to air new episodes this week, so that likely factored in to the drop back to the prior average.

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