Alicia Fox Could Attend Rehab Soon, Molly Holly’s Original Dream

Fans were shocked to learn that former wrestler and longtime backstage producer Arn Anderson had been fired by WWE a few weeks ago. Anderson was let go from WWE alongside wrestlers Tye Dillinger and Hideo Itami, but unlike those two names, Anderson did not ask for his release. The rumor behind the WWE Hall of Famer’s firing was that a recent incident backstage led to Vince McMahon deciding to send him off. It was reported yesterday that the incident in question saw Anderson allow an intoxicated Alicia Fox to wrestle during a live event. Arn Anderson and the WWE Chairman reportedly clashed over a few different issues over the years, but the ordeal with Alicia Fox was said to be the “final straw.”
As for Alicia Fox, it is entirely possible that her WWE run could also be coming to an end very soon. According to, WWE offered Fox the option to attend rehab, but she apparently refused and remained away from the company completely. The report notes that WWE has had issues with Fox in the past including when she confronted Ronda Rousey’s husband, Travis Browne, last year. There was also another incident when she arrived two hours late to a show in 2017, which is right around the same time that WWE was considering giving her a push on television. Fox has not wrestled since early February and she remained off social media up until the news concerning her was broken yesterday.
Older WWE fans may be familiar with the name Molly Holly. She competed for the company for a number of years and even made appearances last year at the Hall of Fame and during the Evolution pay-per-view. However, Holly wasn’t always interested in becoming famous pro wrestler. Believe it or not, she revealed to Lilian Garcia on the Chasing Glory podcast this week that she always wanted to work for Subway instead. Holly cites her upbringing with her blue collar parents and the fact that she did not have any goals to become recognized worldwide as the reason why she was once so interested in the job. Holly also said that she has never entered any job or industry for the sole reason of making money.

“No, I chose being a sandwich artists at Subway as my goal. I’m dead serious. I was very anti-materialistic. I just saw all these people so money hungry and trying to drive these fancy cars. In my mind, I just believed that the purpose of life is so much deeper than anything a degree or a paycheck could bring me, and I know people say that even when I was 18, I was like 40, but I really just thought I could live a fulfilling purpose-filled life making $4.25 making sandwiches and I really felt like that’s what I was doing. I was okay. The money and prestige and stuff just like didn’t really matter.” Holly said.

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