Fake Hurricane Photos: Sharks On Streets, Trump Cat Rescue, More

Hurricanes carry a lot of unknowns as they form, move and, sometimes, hit land. The precise path they will take is notoriously hard to predict, for instance, making the exact locations of landfall unknown until the last hours and sometimes later than that.

One thing we know about hurricanes for certain, though, is this: They generate all kinds of phony photos, some of them obviously designed to amuse and some of them apparently designed to scare the bejesus out of you.

Sometimes the photos merely carry misinformation in the description of them so they appear to be something they’re not. Other photos are doctored, some with great skill, to show sharks swimming down flooded city streets, airplanes on tarmacs submerged in water or President Trump walking through (not on) floodwater to save a couple of distressed kittens.

Fake, fake and fake. (Sort of like this.)

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