Smackdown ratings follow Raw’s pattern this week with a substantial increase over average (w/Keller’s Analysis)


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This week’s Smackdown Live followed the Monday Night Raw ratings, drawing a 1.78, which is well above the ten week average of 1.68. It’s the second-best rating of the last ten weeks.

Keller’s Analysis: The fall avearge rating is 1.68, so Smackdown has found a “water level” this season, but the last three weeks have been above that average. If you remove the 1.38 on election day, the November average was 1.75. The last three week’s average is 1.81. So there’s some traction. I wonder if some of the growth is just Goldberg bringing some lapsed fans back and enough of them liked what they saw to stick around for the other wrestlers and feuds. Or maybe the James Ellsworth storyline is working, too.

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