Backstage News On TJP’s WWE Departure, TJP Quotes Legend

As previously reported, WWE recently announced the departures for three Superstars – TJP, Hideo Itami & Tye Dillinger.
TJP was actually released by the company, according to PWInsider and their multiple sources. TJP’s departure was not a situation where he asked for his release and then was granted one, similar to Itami & Dillinger.
The former WWE Cruiserweight Champion has made two social media posts since his release was announced. As previously reported, TJP thanked The WWE for giving him the chance and letting him play for “the team he grew up watching” on Twitter. He also recently took to Instagram and posted a quote from WWE Hall Of Famer Antonio Inoki.

The quote from Inoki, seen below, reads like this: “The Road: What awaits ahead if I choose this road? Don’t be afraid, or there will be no road. Take one step, for it will start a road and it will become the road. Go on without hesitation. And you will find your destination.”
TJP actually began training at The New Japan Pro Wrestling Dojo in Los Angeles back in 2003 under Inoki.

Thanks for giving me a chance and letting me play for the team I grew up watching ????????
— ???? TEDDY PLAYER ONE ???? (@MegaTJP) February 22, 2019


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TJP, who lost to Humberto Carrillo on WWE 205 Live this week, also made some interesting comments on his status and Ricochet’s RAW debut this week. You can see those tweets below:

Oh cool I think I wrote this ?
— ???? TEDDY PLAYER ONE ???? (@MegaTJP) February 19, 2019

I wish I was kidding…but literally I wrote that. Be proactive I guess…????‍??
— ???? TEDDY PLAYER ONE ???? (@MegaTJP) February 19, 2019

I thought someone else turning my homework in with their name on it ended after high school…
— ???? TEDDY PLAYER ONE ???? (@MegaTJP) February 19, 2019

Despite all that, I’m really happy for @KingRicochet because he’s really awesome and deserves a shot.
— ???? TEDDY PLAYER ONE ???? (@MegaTJP) February 19, 2019

No. I won’t. That was my best shot. The rest is out of my hands.
— ???? TEDDY PLAYER ONE ???? (@MegaTJP) February 19, 2019

I’m doing my best. I promise you, I am. But they won’t let me off the bench, and they just gave the bat I carved myself to someone else for their at-bat. If I ever get to the plate, I promise you I’m swinging for the sun and 3 stars ??????
— ???? TEDDY PLAYER ONE ???? (@MegaTJP) February 19, 2019

If it were up to me, literally never. I’m doing everything I possibly can to succeed here on the team I always wanted to play for, both on and off camera.
— ???? TEDDY PLAYER ONE ???? (@MegaTJP) February 19, 2019

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