Polite Driver Cracks LA Traffic Code, Cracks Up Internet Too

CULVER CITY, CA — Knuckles turning white, heart rate increasing at an alarming rate and beads of sweat forming on the forehead — riding a roller coaster? Nope, just navigating Los Angeles traffic.

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One man got creative while driving in Culver City, with handwritten signs that read “Please let me in” and “Thanks” while trying to merge into a new lane.

In the video posted to YouTube by Allison Klemes, the driver is seen sitting in his Lexus with the turn signal on, before sticking a sign out of his window that reads “Please let me in.” Once he is given space to merge into the new lane, he flips through a few of his handwritten signs before sticking another one out of the window that says “Thanks.”

Meanwhile, Klemes can be heard hysterically laughing at what she is witnessing, and we don’t blame her. “Saw this man with a 300,000 IQ switching lanes,” she wrote in the description of her video.

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