AEW and NXT surge in viewership, with AEW featuring Mike Tyson scoring big viewership leap while NXT gets edge in rating with Riddle-Thatcher pit fight



AEW Dynamite surged to first night viewership of 827,000, the highest since March 25, likely buoyed by the Mike Tyson appearance. Last week’s viewership 712,000. The eight week average for AEW was 698,000 heading into this week.

Meanwhile, NXT had a strong night with 731,00 viewers, up from 592,000 the week before. The eight-week average was 644,000 heading into this week.

NXT actually won the rating 0.58 to 0.57. The rating tracks the total number of viewers each minute over the course of the whole show as a percentage of available viewers with cable. Total viewership reflects how many individuals total watched the show at all, so AEW’s viewership win is likely the result of a lot of short-term viewers, perhaps many from AEW, checking out the show briefly.

AEW dominated the 18-34 male demo again by a 0.21 to 0.10 margin.

AEW finished no. 4 for the night among all cable shows in the 18-49 adult key demo. NXT finished no. 24. AEW outdrew NXT by a 0.32 to 0.19 margin in that demo.

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