Update on RAW & SD NYE Shows, Gargano on If DIY is Back Together

As previously reported, WWE taped The Christmas episodes of RAW & SmackDown LIVE during the live shows on Monday & Tuesday this week. The New Year’s Eve edition of RAW will be taped in Detroit, Michigan on Friday, December 28th and The New Year’s Day episode of SmackDown LIVE will be taped in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Saturday, December 29th.
Last Wednesday night’s episode of NXT TV saw NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa help former partner Johnny Gargano defeat Aleister Black in The Steel Cage Main Event. Below is a video from that match and a second video of Sarah Schreiber talking to Gargano after the match, asking if this means DIY is back on the same page.
“The question everybody’s mind should be – why am I such a good guy?,” Gargano said. “See what I did in there? Not only did I win but out of the kindness of my heart I absolved Aleister Black of his sins. Man, what a good night. What a good night for Johnny Gargano.”

Schreiber then asked Gargano if this was the plan between he and Ciampa all along. Gargano responded, “The plan, the plan, the plan is… Johnny Gargano just beat Aleister Black in a Cage Match. A Cage Match. I did that. I beat Aleister Black. I told you all along, I am the hero at the end of the story. Plain and simple. Johnny Wrestling.”

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