Maverick/Survivor Series Note, Becky Lynch Named Best Man in WWE

No one can deny that 205 Live General Manager and Raw Superstar,
Drake Maverick, is a true professional. Maverick was paired with Akam
and Rezar of AOP on Raw earlier this year after the duo parted ways with
WWE Hall of Famer Paul Ellering. Since Maverick has been by their side,
the two wrestlers have gone on to capture the Raw Tag Team
Championships. AOP won a match against Sheamus & Cesaro of The Bar
at Survivor Series as well, but before they got the pin, all eyes were
on Drake Maverick. Shockingly, Maverick urinated through his pants after
being threatened by The Big Show at ringside. On Raw the next night,
Maverick was mocked by his comrades backstage for the mishap.
The latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter shed some
light on the incident involving Drake Maverick at Survivor Series. The
Observer noted that Maverick had a contraption with him that was
supposed to produce the fake urine, but the device malfunctioned when it
came time for it to be put into action. Maverick can be seen attempting
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to adjust the device on camera, but that was not enough to fix it.
Reportedly, Maverick truly did urinate as a result of the tool’s
failure. It was mentioned that the 205 Live GM is well-liked backstage
in WWE, and that he is viewed as a real team player. Drake Maverick
almost certainly had to have gained some respect from his peers for
improving the incident.
WWE occasionally releases countdown lists
on their Instagram account ranking various moments, wrestlers, and
groups throughout WWE history. What makes their latest list so
interesting is that the company has awarded the title of “Best Man in
WWE History” to current SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. Lynch
has been calling herself “The Man” ever since she regained the title
earlier this year, and she even commented on the ranking on Twitter shortly after the company posted it on Instagram earlier today. For
those interested in learning which other wrestlers made the list, “Macho Man” Randy Savage was listed as #2, and he was followed
by the Big Boss Man, The Million Dollar Man, and The Boogeyman.

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An elite group.
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It’s cool, there’s no ‘they’ – being The Man is my own statement. After decades of (awesome) men being The Man, what’s more empowering than saying to both female & male locker rooms, “I am The Man now, what are you going to do about it?” Because make no mistake, that’s what I am.
— The Man (@BeckyLynchWWE) November 25, 2018

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